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Recruitment and Selection at CEPS

CEPS understands that its most important asset is its staff and recognises the key role of an open, transparent and merit-based recruitment and selection process. Since 2018 we have invested a great deal of time and energy in creating a robust, inclusive procedure designed to identify and attract and recruit the most suitable candidates and ensure from the candidates’ perspective, that their experience of CEPS is useful and constructive.

Before publishing any vacancy, we make sure that the job advertisement fully reflects the profile of the desired candidate. We try to paint an accurate picture of what the job will entail so that candidates don’t waste time applying for a position which  will not suit their profile, background and experience. We make sure that the desired criteria are inclusive and welcome applications from researchers of different cultural backgrounds, education, experience and disciplines.

Our recruitment process consists of a series of clearly-defined steps, starting with telephone pre-screening and followed by a structured panel interview. CEPS pays particular attention to the importance of gender balance when establishing its selection panels. Candidates are also invited to participate in a series of practical tests depending on the job for which they are applying.  This can range from a drafting a document in English and creating an Excel spreadsheet to a role-play on giving feedback, or making a presentation on the subject of their choice. Candidates are also systematically invited to complete the OPQ psychometric tool online prior to the interview in order for us to better understand how behavioural aspects of their personality may impact their performance at work. Finally, CEPS systematically requests references from its candidates and offers to provide verbal feedback on their performance during the recruitment process if desired.  Once onboard, new recruits are supported by our HR Coordinator to help them navigate the challenges of establishing themselves in Brussels and induction training is provided to help them get up to speed with working at CEPS as quickly as possible.

For more information, please contact applications@ceps.eu.

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