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CEPS Digital Forum

A Multi-Stakeholder Platform

CEPS Digital Forum

A Multi-Stakeholder Platform

The CEPS Digital Forum is a multi-stakeholder platform aimed at raising the level of debate about the policy challenges that arise from the European Commission’s Digital Single Market strategy. It brings together academics, telecommunications operators, broadcasters, equipment manufacturers, content providers, application producers, internet players, national regulators and European institutions to enable a constructive discussion on how to achieve a successful transition to a balanced and inclusive information society and exploring more broadly the implications of a hyper-connected society.



Regular seminars and meetings: these are short events organized on a monthly basis, dedicated to a variety of topical issues such as innovation and competition policies, critical infrastructure protection, neutrality and diversity in the Internet ecosystem or the way forward to the completion of a digital single market.

The creation of working parties on ad hoc issues: the organisation of a Task Force is meant to engage a constructive debate among stakeholders on a particular issue, with the ultimate goal of drawing policy conclusions and recommendations to the attention of the EU institutions. So far, working parties have been organised on achieving a sustainable business model, spectrum policy, the economics of cloud computing, critical information infrastructure protection, data protection and copyright.

The possiblity of organising ad hoc events: CEPS has been organising events with the International Telecommunications Society (ITS), the Technology Policy Institute (based in Washington DC), as well as the European Communications Policy Research (EuroCPR), and Competition and Regulation in Network Industries (CRNI), whose annual conference is held at CEPS premises.

The EU Digital Agenda stands as one of the seven flagship initiatives of the ‘Europe 2020 strategy’ and perhaps the most promising in terms of potential for economic growth in the European Union. In delivering an insightful speech at CEPS, Robert Madelin – the then Director General of DG CONNECT, European Commission, defined the CEPS Digital Forum as a “colossally important” initiative for the future of the Digital Agenda.

CEPS aspires to help Europe enter the digital age from the main door, and this is what it hopes to achieve with the CEPS Digital Forum.

For more information, please download our brochure: CEPS Digital Forum Programme and Highlights