Sunday | 13 Jun 2021
Policing Humanitarianism EU Policies Against Human Smuggling and their Impact on Civil Society
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Preparing Agriculture for Future Challenges

Agriculture and rural development

CEPS Working Party Room - 3rd floor
Place du Congrès 1 - 1000 Brussels

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Preparing Agriculture for Future Challenges

Reducing distortions and re-designing policies


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Launch of the OECD’s Agricultural Policy Monitoring and Evaluation 2018

The OECD Monitoring and Evaluation report is an annual publication which provides information on policy developments and related support to agriculture in OECD countries and selected partner economies. The  2018 report includes 51 countries from all six continents, including the 35 OECD countries as well as the six non-OECD EU Member States and 10 emerging economies (Brazil, China, Costa Rica, Colombia, Kazakhstan, Philippines, Russia, South Africa, Ukraine and Viet Nam).

Participation in this event is free of charge.

Registration and sandwich lunch from 12.30 – Meeting from 13.15 to 14.30

Speakers list
Carmel Cahill

Deputy Director

Martin von Lampe

Senior Agricultural Policy Analyst