Sunday | 13 Jun 2021
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CEPS Project

Analysis of a ‘Sharing Economy’ platform active in the field of personal Services


The JRC at the European Commission requested an analysis of an online labour platform in the field of personal services (i.e. a case study). CEPS analysed the ListMinut platform obtaining data on the demand and supply of labour on the platform, presenting further details on the demographics of workers active on the platform and on the average income that workers earn (which is then compared with ‘offline’ earnings in similar professions and sectors). The study on purpose focussed on the Belgian case, even if the platform also operates in other countries in- and outside of the EU. The report is available as De Groen et al. (2016) and it serves as a foresight report “A vision for the EU ‘sharing economy’ – Exploring future economic transformations”.

Willem Pieter De Groen

Head of Financial Markets and Institutions Unit

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Ana Silva

Project Officer

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