Sunday | 13 Jun 2021
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CEPS Project

Extensive overview of a cost-benefit analyses of Early School Leaving measures


The University of Antwerp, as the project coordinator of the Reducing Early School Leaving in Europe ( project, subcontracted CEPS to conduct an extensive overview of a cost-benefit analyses (CBA) of the early school leaving (ESL) measures analysed by the project partners in the countries covered by the project. The project focuses on two types of ESL measures: those promoted and applied by the schools and in the schools, and those that are prepared and applied by third entities (from municipalities to concerned individuals). CEPS’ task consists of providing a general approach to a CBA of early school leaving measures (should the exercise be performed) and then already draw some conclusions from the information available on the measures studied in the project.

Karolien Lenaerts

Research Fellow

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Ana Silva

Project Officer

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