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CEPS Task Force

Shaping Union in Europe’s Capital Markets


The European Capital Markets Institute (ECMI) and the Centre for European Policy Studies (CEPS) are inviting market participants, policy-makers and academics to engage in debate on the future of Europe’s capital markets by joining a Task Force that will work with the European Capital Markets Expert Group (ECMEG).

ECMEG will not conduct a conventional review of current legislative dossiers, but rather, will look at the evolution of financial markets in Europe and around the world to suggest how Europe can improve its competitive position.

At the end of the Expert Group’s deliberations, a report will be prepared by the rapporteurs that will set out a series of recommendations, supported by in-depth analysis and based on the discussions during the meetings. The report will be discussed in detail with the Group members before publication. The ECMEG will meet at least five times between now and mid-2015. Meetings will not be open to the press and will be reserved to members and selected invitees. The first meeting will be held on 12 December.

To ensure productive, well-informed and high-level discussions, membership in the Group will be open only to those experts who meet the criteria outlined in the Prospectus. To join the European Capital Markets Expert Group (ECMEG), please complete the registration form included in the prospectus. After submission, the ECMI team will review the applicants and select the best qualified to form the Expert Group.

Click here to download the prospectus, with full information, including an application form.

Chairman: Francesco Papadia, Chairman of the Board, Prime Collateralised Securities (PCS)

Karel Lannoo, CEO, CEPS – General Manager, ECMI
Diego Valiante, Ph.D., Head of Capital Markets Research, CEPS – Head of Research, ECMI


1st: 12 Dec 2014 Capital on the move. Assessing the drivers of capital markets developments over the past decade and the status of financial integration in Europe
2nd: 4 Feb 2015 Addressing short-termism in the financial system and the interaction with monetary policies: What role for capital markets for more long-term investments?
3rd:16 March 2015 The changing face of financial (dis)intermediation and trading technologies: Their impact on market accessibility and price discovery processes
4th: 13 April 2015 The competitiveness of European capital markets in a globalised economy
5th: 8 May 2015 Review of the draft final report
Q 2 2015 Launch of the final report

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